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World's smallest baby boy returns home healthy: Japanese university


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Glad to hear he's doing well

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I have great respect for Japanese obstetricians. The doctor who aided my wife in delivering our son had left instructions with the hospital that she should be called when we arrived for the birth of our daughter two years later, and though she was off-duty and it was 3:00 AM, she was there.

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Because she understood how important the birth of every child is in Japan

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Congratulations and glad the baby is doing well. And kudos to the doctors.

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Nice work, docs!!’

I hope he doesn’t have any long term damage

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My son was born prematurely at 1,400 grams, and I was still crazy worried while he spend his first month of life in an incubator. I can't even imagine a baby under 300 grams, unbelievable achievement, congratulations!

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Fantastic news. Well done docs and medical staff!

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My second son spent a month in a incubator, being premature born by a month, but went on to being in the top class (as an American, born from two American parents) in the city, and is now studying computer engineering. Doing just fine, but that month was hard. They allow very little contact, and you have to have masks, so the baby can not see emotions, smiles, faces. That is a problem, I think! And I think that the Japanese doctors will never fix that problem.

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Great news! Hope this story gets coverage in the U.S. where it is sorely needed.

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Soon baby without need of a tummy because less less than 3xx grams is avout 16 cm long from skull to coccyx and 19 week old foetus.

What an achievement !

Long life to the baby.

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Yay some good news, hey JT just an idea but how about starting a section called Good News!

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Yay some good news, hey JT just an idea but how about starting a section called Good News!

Been tried elsewhere and it never really gets the views you'd hope/think it would. But yes, it's always good to read stories like this, stories of humanity, rescue, science, inspiration and tales that brighten one's day.

One thing, though, your suggestion of naming it Good News might sound a bit kinda missionary zeal, like ;-)

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The baby was at first so small he could fit in both hands

Saw the story on the news last night, was quite disturbing I have to say. Reckon the baby could fit in the palm of my/a man's hand. 268g! I have eaten bigger steaks!

Advancement in healthcare and medicine is such a wonderful thing.

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This is indeed good news.

About having a Good News section, isn't that already covered under Politics? OK, strike that... National? Strike that... World? Strike that... Entertainment? Strike that... Business? Strike that... Features? Sometimes there's some good news in there. But yeah, it would be nice to have a Good News section. Everyone could enjoy at least one piece of good news to help us get through the bad news.

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My daughter was born in Japan at 286 grams. Her care was excellent and I am sure that they saved her life. The other amazing thing was that insurance covered almost everything including 6 months in the hoospital.

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@HaileG Very glad to hear your daughter made it!!! 286 grams! You must have been worried sick...

What was her weight when she left the hospital, and how is she now?

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I have great respect for Japanese obstetricians. 

Likewise. My wife had complications with the birth of both our children - different complications for each. The care and concern of the doctors was fantastic. They took charge while I hung around like a useless turnip.

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Amazing. USA take note.

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I wish him well and hope he's with a nurturing family that will care for and love him.

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