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World's oldest person dies at 117


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You ever noticed how the worlds oldest person just keep dying all the time?

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Actually at that age, I am surprised she wasn't a great great grandmother yet. RIP

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I understand that life is tough and there are some things we wish not to discuss. However, I wish older people would be more open and keep diaries of their lives. Perhaps they just need someone to take interest in them. Their experiences and trials could help upcoming generations deal with similar problems and treat life with gratitude.

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RIP Okawa-san. Everyone: it's a good idea to sit with your elders and ask them so many things about their lives, things they remember, which are things & stories you can pass on to your grandchildren and beyond. Unfortunately, when a person passes on, their history often goes with them...

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I love the quote 'It went by so fast.' As mush as I am sad when time flies by and I have to end a great conversation or event and go home, I will be forever grateful I don't feel 'life is too long'

By her age, I would guess the baby in the picture might even be a great-great grandchild? I am glad she had a nice birthday with family near her. And it sounds she went peacefully, that's all any of us can wish for in the end. RIP

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RIP Mrs Okawa. You've lived a long, fruitful life.

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I had many conversations with a man who was born in 1897. His perspective on the historical events which he had lived through was very interesting. He had been shot down in a plane in World War I, flying for the American Expeditionary Force. He had met General Pershing, the aviator Charles Lindbergh, and many other famous personages. He was not a particularly nice person, but he was very good story teller.

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She survived so long in spite of Japanese doctors and hospitals! Truly amazing!

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@ Richard - That's a real quote from her. I even took a picture of the newspaper article that quoted her, a few weeks ago I think.

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Shanique SmithApr. 01, 2015 - 03:42PM JST -- Wow! I wonder what her diet was like. Did she outlive her kids?

I thought the same thing.

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Wow! I wonder what her diet was like. Did she outlive her kids?

She had three children, two are still alive.

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Wow, really? "It went by so fast" speaks volumes for all of us!

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Wow! I wonder what her diet was like. Did she outlive her kids?

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She probably avoided modern medicine and lifestyle that's why she lived so long

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One of her recent quotes was "It went by so fast"

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She is 5th on the all time list although Gertrude may claim that spot in 109 days or so. The record is Jeanne Calment at 122 years and 164 days. A French lady who died in 97.

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What is amazing is that a person born 117 years ago could live for 117 years. We might be expecting that now with modern medicine and all. I would like to know what she thought of modern times. All that technology and stuff.

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Lived to see the 19,20,21st centuries. If only I could get a glimpse of all of the things she's witnessed in her lifetime

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What an extraordinary life she led

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