World's oldest woman turns 115 in Japan


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Born during the Spanish-American war. Wow!

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Sorry but who wants to be 116 years old? seriously! Nice for them and congrats but 90 is old enough imho. After that they will only be a burden to themselves, their family and the system. IMO

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who wants to be 116 years old?

Not right now, but some day, a long time from now.

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The world's oldest living person is a 115-year-old Japanese man who lives in Kyoto, not far from Okawa. He will turn 116 next month.

Will he? Maybe there will be another article with different names.

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I'm pretty sure I saw this tough old broad on the Walking Dead last night.

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Born in the 19th century. Amazing!

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Sorry but who wants to be 116 years old?

Misao Okawa does and I think that is just great.

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Someone should do a movie or at least a NHK TV special.. I want to know her life.. see photos of when she was young.. share her knowledge .. dont wait.. also the whole country should celebrate her birthday each year as a national holiday for special woman .. proud of her.. she looks great.

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Like in the previous article, I wonder what the quality of her life is like? My own great-grandmother, who died years ago past 95 years old, remembered the aftermath of the Crimean war and saw the introduction of the television. She did little except lie or sit up in bed, coming down a couple of times a week to sit in a high-backed chair and look out of the window, and maybe once a month was walked slowly for a few hundred yards... then one day she never came down again. Life or just existence?

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Personally, I don't think is for us to decide what is life and what existence for someone else. I will probably be very happy to gaze lazily and dazedly outside of the window when I'm 114–you don't know until you experience it. besides, life is a very subjective subject, what is good for me might not be good for you and vice versa.

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Amazingly, she has live in three different centuries..

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Congratulations on not dying for 115 years!

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This lady deserves, Respect, for her Age. She has made a lot of us see what its like to be over a centry old .

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Good grief....she doesn't look a day over 110. A poster above opinionated that "someone should do a movie"..they should call it Button Benjamin or Aso Taro & The One That Refused To Go.

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Good on her. Quite an achievement. Sad but soon there will be no one left on the planet who was born in the 19th century.

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Love the choice of menu and also her thanks to everybody for their help. Very gracious. Happy Birthday!

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I saw her on the news and she feeds herself very well with those chopsticks. I think she have a good healthy appetite and looks very alert.

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Happy 115th trip around the sun kiid!!

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I have an auntie who will turn 110 on March 25th. i was wondering if anyone knows where she is in the line of the oldest people in the world?

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