WWII battleship Musashi blew up under water, footage suggests


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“as if telling us not to forget the tragedy of the war.”

Unfortunately, as human beings collectively, we have good forgetters. I just hope I ain't around for the next one.

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Technology! Isn't it amazing what we can do today? We would never been able to see or know these things 30 years ago. I can't wait to see what else they find!

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Rest in Peace

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Regardless of your perspectives on WWII this is a remarkable find!

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The boilers probably exploded after being submerged.

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What happened to the "Imperial chrysanthemum seal"?

Was it not affixed to the "teak base" when the ship went down?

Or has it become separated from the base and is waiting to be found nearby?

Or was it made of a material that has since disintegrated?

It would be interesting to know...

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"Summer grasses All that remains Of soldiers dreams"

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The boilers probably exploded after being submerged.

More likely the ammunition magazines for this type of destructive force. Type HMS Barham into a search engine for dramatic video footage. Musashi's sister Yamato and HMS Hood went the same way.

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Kudos to Paul Allen and his team for finding the Musashi, and I'm glad it was sunk before its crew could do any more damage to the world.

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Thanks to Billionaire philanthropist Mr Paul.Allen for discovering the wreck of the "MUSASHI" and bringing back memories of World War-2, the last and worst war the World has witnessed in history. Now in 2015 there is another type of "WORLD WAR" in progress and its a war against extremist religious fundamentalists and not a Country or Country's as in the case of "World War-2". Islamic religious Fundamentalism in the form of "I.S.I.S" is ruining the 21st century by creating a unstable Planet.When will this war end ?

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