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WWII underwater mine detonated in Kanmon Straits


The Maritime Self-Defense Force on Tuesday detonated a World War II mine that had been dropped by the U.S. in the Kanmon Straits off Shimonoseki in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

The mine, which was 2 meters long and weighed 900 kilograms, was found in June at a depth of 11 meters about 200 meters off the coast of Shimonoseki, NHK reported.

Th MSDF moved the mine to deeper water, four kilometers off the coast, and then detonated it at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, sending a column of water 100 meters into the air, NHK reported.

About 4,500 mines are believed to have been dropped in the strait during the war. The MSDF says more than 500 vessels pass through the straits each day, making it one of Japan's busiest waterways.

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I'm glad they found it and detonated it, and we're reading about an accidental detonation by a ship.

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Nice that the JMSDF has those two minesweepers garrisoned at Shimonoseki.

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I wonder how many more mines there are in that straight? I used to live in Shimonoseki and can testify that a lot of huge ships regularly pass through there!

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Send the bill to Uncle Sam.

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