Y10 mil in cash found in Hiroshima garbage disposal facility


Police said Tuesday that 10 million yen in cash was found Monday night in a garbage disposal facility in Hiroshima.

According to police, the money was all in 10,000-yen bills. Some were in bundles and some were torn up. TBS reported that a monitor spotted the money on a conveyor belt. Although the facility is used mainly by garbage trucks, individuals are also allowed to use it for disposal, officials said.

Police said the money will be held as lost property for three months. If no one claims it by then, it will be turned over to the municipal government which operates the garbage disposal facility.

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the government doesn't deserve the extra cash, give it to the needy

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Some were in bundles and some were torn up.

Maybe the "printer" wasn't working properly ???

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It's mine! I can describe it. It looks like MONEY!

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Sounds like someone was doing o-soji and threw away the wrong stuff, ouch!

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Elderly people sometimes forget lots of money in secret places and their families throw them with trashes out of house.

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Darn shame if the government gets its claws on this money. All they'll probably do is waste it on some meaningless project. Distribute it to help the people still living in shelters in Fukushima.

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Some low ranking yakuza guy is going to be getting a nice new pair of concrete shoes.... Or whatever it is gangsters do these days.

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Any DNA data bases here? The money was in bags. There is DNA in there.

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Poke, I told your maid to throw them out. The money was dirty.

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Wait! Wait! So that's were I lost it!!

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Message to the family always check the garabage before you throw it away!

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Give it to Mr. Kawashima for his funeral.

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The assigned chimpira to pick up the dirty money didn't do his job. Hehehehehe Well , if no one claim it, give it to the people affected by the 3-11 earthquake and tsunami disaster.

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Any DNA data bases here? The money was in bags. There is DNA in there.

While I like the idea, unfortunately here in Japan, probably other places too, it is not the responsibility of the finder to locate the loser.

If it was a private individual that found the cash it would become their money.

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Shoot! I had the nagging feeling that I misplaced a bundle of about 1,000 ichiman yen bill somewhere in the house....maid must have thrown them out.

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Nice christmas bonus.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

Give it to charity!

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

If no one claims it by then

LOL, I doubt it.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

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