YouTube pares back Logan Paul partnership after suicide video post


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If you watch his channel, he doesn't deserve to be in Youtube.

Most of his viewers are children, it's scary how his action will influence children.

Well, watch YouTube and most kids see nothing wrong of what he did. Very wrong :(

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Apologies are not accepted. Get a life!

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how about getting a real job?

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YouTube is dragging their feet, applying the absolute minimum punishment possible when people who make them money also break their rules. sound pretty much like every Japan Inc as a whole

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He's been an ass across many countries. His trashing of Japan is by far the worst. Youtube should suspend his account immediately.

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He walked into the 青木ヶ原 (Aokigahara) forest with the intention (and high hopes) of finding a dead body by breaking a local ordinance, since the place he and his crew were in was a restricted/off-the-track area. The Japanese "guide" who accompanied them into the woods probably knowingly violated this and should be held responsible and punished accordingly as well. Creating a viewership/readership by means of sensationalism isn't anything new in the mass media, but it's his morally-reprehensible, juvenile display of public behavior surrounding the production of this (and other Japan-related videos) that we absolutely should not be tolerant and forgiving on. I totally agree when people say "there's no such thing as bad publicity." I had never heard of Logan Paul until this incident, and now, I'm talking to my friends and relatives about this guy almost nonstop. Words spread very fast, and I'm probably giving this idiot more fame and notoriety than he ever deserves. I need to stop it.

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What is sad is that there are enough degenerates around who would log in to see this, thus giving this man a profitable audiance.

I really cannot see what value a shared video of finding a corpse has to anybody. It has no interlectual value, no beneficial value, in fact has no intelligence whatsoever. And, of course, it flies in the face of all decency.

I would not go as far to say that he has dishonoured all Japanese people or Asian people (bjphnson23). He has only dishonoured himself, in front of millions of decent people.

As for users who log on, there is an old idiom : Curiosity killed the cat.

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This newspaper, Japan Today, should not give space or promote barbarians like this bloke. He has serious social adaptation problems and gives a very bad name for foreigners in Japan. There are more interesting, deep and relevant things happening around the world. Let this mentally disturbed chap just be forgotten.

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Won’t watch it so can’t comment, but internet should be free of censorship.

As disgusting as Paul’s behavior has been I don’t think it is right to censor him or in any way restrict or ban an adult from YouTube. That doesn’t mean he is not subject to the consequences of his poor choices. Some consequences could be legal in nature- perhaps a violation of the families privacy. From what I heard he is mocking the dead person in the video - which makes it even more indecent and highly inappropriate. Hopefully people will stop supporting this guy and he will be penalized by the public financially.

Graphically publicizing a persons suicide isn’t unheard of. A young pop singer who committed suicide in the 1980’s had her corpse published in a magazine lying on the sidewalk. Those pictures are still available on the internet. I don’t see the point to that at all - the people making them available, just like Paul, have no common decency.

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When rich kids with too much time on their hands become YouTube "celebrities" you end up with the Logan Pauls of the world. My my, how far we have fallen down the rabbit hole of cult of personality.

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As usual, YouTube is dragging their feet, applying the absolute minimum punishment possible when people who make them money also break their rules. Meanwhile, people who don't break their rules and provide services that enrich their platform, like providing resources for people who are struggling with suicide, get automatically de-monetized.

Paul is still making money on YouTube. Even this past week when he was "away", he was making money on YouTube, even while doing nothing. Maybe he's not in the top advertiser spot anymore, but every video of his gets money every time someone watches the ad on it, and YouTube takes its cut.

It's yet another sad story of irresponsible web companies letting their products be toxic to the communities they are supposed to serve. Sad. Let this be a warning to you, in the eyes of web product providers, we human beings aren't customers. We're products being served to their real customers, the advertisers.

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Not enough. YouTube is proving that it is no better by keeping him on. If they want to be sincere, this "We take it sincerely and we are listening" needs to be followed by shutting down his channel.

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This guy is ghastly. I started watching his video on YouTube, but stopped watching after a few seconds. He is a humongous dick and deserves all the hurt that is coming his way.

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You took your time youtube, but well done. Hitting him where it hurts, his pocket, is the only thing this egotist understands.

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This actually sounds like someone getting their comeuppance. From the little of his videos I've seen, it was long overdue.

On the issue of "acting like an a-hole for laffs", it's on a much lower level, but I can't say I like Japanese tv sending comedians overseas and then hamming up how bad their English is. The footage always involves them talking to ordinary people whose kindness and willingness to listen get taken advantage of.

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You can see his dad's reaction to everything on YT.

After watching it, you can see where Logan gets his douche chills from.

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Won’t watch it so can’t comment, but internet should be free of censorship.

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I wonder (and I admit this is a looooong stretch) if filming in Japan, uploading the video and then making money from it is technically working on a tourist visa? If so, legit reason for a ban. Wishful thinking I know!

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Logan Paul arrogant disregard to the consequences, suffering and emotional pain to the family rightfully demands his behaviour be subject punishment and recrimination.

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I'd never heard of the guy before this. Bad publicity is still publicity.

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He has not only offended those who passed away but dishonored all Japanese

You’re making the fool out to be far more important than he really is.

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Nice to see YouTube and google taking things like this seriously!

I cant believe google YouTube even allowed him to post it in the first place. It shows that unregulated use of social media platforms like this when in the hands of egotistical idiots such as this. What ever was going through his mind when he recorded this must have been nothing short of lunacy, as what self respecting person films a suicide victim? Disgusting behaviour!

The sad thing is, that I suspect that with all this negative feedback there will be a surge in interest in him and his posts. Idiocy breeds idiocy. YouTube should have gone further and froze or deleted his account and banned him from their platform altogether.

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Stop making stupid people famous. I was disgusted by the video in the forest and thought that was it but then I saw the other videos of him douching around with a raw octopus, bringing it in clothes stores and bothering people at Tsukiji. Douchebags like these should be refused entry. Unfortunately he just gained more brainless followers.

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His apology was as insincere as the disrespectful, selfish, insensitive and immature prank he pulled.

I have no sympathy for him whatsoever, and I am very pleased that there has been such a backlash against this kind of behaviour. Hopefully it will set some sort of precedent for similar such douches.

I mean, besides trying to get rich, what is a 20 something man doing trying desperately hard to be cool with Tweens anyway???

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He should definitely be refused future entry into Japan, based on his behavior in and around Tokyo (in a separate video), where he was behaving like an a-hole, including in traffic, disturbing people at work, accosting people with a raw fish, vandalizing / littering, etc.. I won't post a link - he deserves no views. He, his brother, and his proud father should all crawl back under whatever rock they emerged from and stay there.

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Absolutely agree with bjohnson23. The Japanese are the most kind, polite, respectful, and considerate people; I can’t even imagine how offended they are. The fact that someone can make fun of a suicide is beyond me. Life is precious and those who choose to take theirs are deserving of compassion and respect.

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This is not the first time this person has made fun and laughed getting his sick kicks at the expense of all Asians. He came with a sick purpose in mind to please his ego at the expense of the Japanese people. Japan has a hate crime law and should enforce it in support of the people of Japan as their is no humor in laughing or smirking about. I do not accept the apology by this person. He has not only offended those who passed away but dishonored all Japanese. He should be tried or banned from all Asian countries.

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