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Zombies invade Tokyo park for lurch of the living dead


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erm jiangshi is actually translated as long tooth or long fang he is the oldest known vampire from ming dynasty

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As if Yoyogi Park needed any more zombies.

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Not my thing at all, but if they are enjoying themselves, then good for them and I hope they had fun.

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"lurch of the living dead"

Lurch! What a great character, ha ha

"You rang?" ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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Great makeup by the woman front and center (bad example would be the one behind her with her face painted white but not neck). She actually looks kind of freaky, unlike most or the people hired to walk around USJ for the month of October. In any case, I'm with Strangerland on this one (except that it is a little my thing), if they are having fun, all the power to them.

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Only in Japan.....looks like fun though ;-)

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I'd love to see the reactions of old people walking around the park haha

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Only in Japan.....looks like fun though ;-)

They do this everywhere though

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