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Zoo staff chase keeper dressed as zebra in escape drill


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I would love to see the video of this. I know it is a serious drill, but I think it would hilarious to watch. It'd be like something cooked up by Tim Brook-Taylor and the Goodies.

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Would of made my morning if there was a video to this.

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I saw a similar drill in progress during a rare trip to Ueno Zoo a couple of years ago. They were chasing down a "panda."

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Yeah cos chasing after a real zebra is going to take a LOT more than this xD. On a more logical note, most animals can run pretty fast, and in the zebra's case, if you surround it beware of the potential of it starting to kick... getting kicked at by any hooved animal can be extremely fatal. Tranq it first, but don't even think about trying to get a net over it before then.

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The zebra was even walking and talking with a staff member!

Watch the video! During the drill, it doesn't run, go wild or escape! It is caught talking with a staffer again!!! No motivation whatsoever!!!

I can hear the person in the animal say, as he/she took off the costume: "I hate this shit job!!"

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Lol. Only in Japan!

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@kariharuka totally agree a video of this would be priceless. LOL

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if I was a staff member id dress up as a lion and chase the zebra!

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@zichi Thank you for the video link. Priceless. I love how the "newest zoo employee" gets stuck with wearing the zebra suit.

The zebra costume certainly adds a touch of realism to the drill. I feel much safer going to the zoo now knowing that staff members have gone through this realistic and meaningful emergency preparedness training.

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Sorry, but there's no way this can truly simulate what it would be like to 'hunt down' and catch an escaped Zebra. Did the man weigh close to a tonne? Could he run at an average 65 km/h? when the zoo staff approached him was the man able to kick out his hind legs at incredible force?

I suppose it's better than nothing, but if they think this is the way it would go down, I feel sorry for them if it really happens.

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It is just waste of time/money/energy.

There is a much difference between human behavior and an animal behavior. Animal in aggressive mode is very difficult to control.

I often go to Zoo and in my opinion safety standard is not good.

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Video is so funny. Looks like it's similar to a fake rhino-costume (two guys inside) walking away from the Ueno Zoo park.

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I think that this preparation is really good and worth trying. Good preparation will prevent animal from escaping.

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Haha...only in japan!

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The drill was held to train the staff in what to do in case a big earthquake hits and breaks the walls & cages open. Having someone run around in an animal uniform gave them a target in bringing in an escaped animal. And doing this when zoo visitors were around tends to get everyone ready in case a real-case situation should develop. So overall ... sounds like a good idea to me.

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Did they hit it with a tranquizer gun?

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Cant believe they chased a guy dressed in an animal suit as a representation of how it would be like to try & catch an escaped animal ... couldn't they have let out a grizzly bear and have that added element of realism ?

I'm sure the bear would have enjoyed it all :)

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I don't think we would ever see or hear of something like this in our home countries, and I for one think we are far the worse off for that. Yes, it probably can't really simulate the real deal - but I now want to visit Tama zoo, so great publicity stunt at least!

This is one of the many things I will miss when I leave Japan in a few months :( !

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Cue benny hill music

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