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Olympic torch odyssey reaches the surf of Tahiti


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I'm glad JT has begun an Olympics section!

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That unpronounceable surf spot is far too intimidating for most.

I see Hawaiian or local surfers winning.

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Teahupo'o, although pretty pumping isn’t famous for its waves being tall, that would be Mavericks (CA), Nazare (Portugal) or the North Shore (HI).

Teahupo'o is famous and extremely challenging because it’s waves are incredibly thick, voluminous, steep, fast and crash into shallow reefs. The unique seafloor geography and ocean currents make it one of the most deadly surf spots in the world.

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I see Hawaiian or local surfers winning.

unfortunately, they aren’t as well funded, and Brazil, US, Aus, and recently Portugal are dominating the pro surf rankings.

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...will host what should be a spectacular surfing competition from July 27 to 31.

That's a small window. Surf contests usually have a two-week window allowing them to have heats in good waves. I hope it doesn't go completely flat between the 27th and 31st.

In December, a controversy surrounding the judges' tower led to fears that the event in Teahupo'o would be cancelled.

What the heck happened? I wish they'd give a little bit more detail.

That unpronounceable surf spot is far too intimidating for most.

Teahupo'o is pronounced - 'cho ps' which rhymes with "ropes".

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These French Polynesians seem to be having fun.

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Travelling thousands of kilometers across lands and seas, the Olympic Torch is igniting fire in the belly of athletes and lovers of sports and games worldwide. Humankind is eagerly waiting for the Olympic festivities.

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