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¥500,000 box of cherries


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I love you Japan..

Frikiest country of the world..

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At ¥33,333 a cherry this could be actually doable for the common man. What a day to be alive.

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This is done because who ever buys the cherries becomes a bit famous and so does the restaurant, grocery store, or farm they own and thus makes sales out of nothing.

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Frikie! What a price!

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You can have em.

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That's more expensive than my Fender 1972 Jazz bass and Alembic walnut II series.

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Japan: wages are down across the board and the normal worker can’t afford anything

also japan: here’s the worlds most expensive cherry, sugoinippon

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500,000yen for national advertisement. Cheap! Smart move.

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Mr. Midnight hit the nail on the head.

There is no single cherry worth 2000yen, not to mention 33,333.

At my supermarket, small, seed filled watermelons are selling for 3500yen. Back home I remember the sweeter, seedless and larger watermelons selling for 3USD.

If someone says it's worth something, then that's what it's worth in Japan. Quality comes second to word of mouth.

You can see why so many farmers with 3 acres of land are rich.

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Okay. Someone bought them, but what next? Their perishible time is limited and so is their value.

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Producers and sellers make profit of those people rich enough to buy "perfect" cherries", and the buyers are happy to show off... Like square melons that foreigners like pubish on internet. Fun for a few. Behind the glittering appearence of Japan, many people do not have enough to live decently. Go to the back streets and have a look. I have family there, so that I know what I am speaking about. In many parts of the world, people can buy vegetables and fruits for them and their children at lower price, local or imported products, at more reasonable price because they are NOT "perfect". This is true also for many things. I wonder if Japan is able to adapt to the next century. I have known Japan before the industrial and commercial revolution after the second world war, making the country one leader on the international scene. Then, China followed the same path. What can change to bring Japan to the former successes? Europe is on the same trend, with a major risk of loosing its culture. Behind the laugh or criticisms the real question is there for this county and the children studying hard and expecting jobs and better life.

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This fetishisation of fruit here makes me sick.

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This might be a different take on this story: I don't believe it. Look at the press coverage of this supposed event. What is the point other than to advertise or seek publicity for the product? I don't think any money changed hands. Its just too ridiculous.

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Someone bought them, but what next? 

The winning bidder already got his name in the news so I guess he can just eat them now. They look pretty delicious.

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What is the point other than to advertise or seek publicity for the product? I don't think any money changed hands.

Money changed hands, as it was an auction, and the "first" of the season typically sells for an astronomical price, and yeah, it's totally about advertising, which makes it a tax write off too!

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There is a joke here, regarding cherries, but I will pass, only to say, I have never paid that much for any cherry I have had!!

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