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A worker carries a damaged computer to a dump site for electrical appliances at a baseball field in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, on Saturday.

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WOW!! That is a lot of computers and heaters. I wonder if of those are salvageable. If they can fix the heaters, it can be used in the shelters to help keep everyone warm who lost their homes.

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Is the above writer being facetious? The products are not usable. In the USA these products would be buried in a landfill dump. Recycle everything! Even the wood from the destroyed houses has value. Either use it to rebuild or use it to generate electricity. Japan is a green country. Keep it up.

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Do not trouble to your hearts. They are scrap that will be squashed and shipped to China soon.

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Instead of dumping it! What a waste!

There are so many parts, metal etc...that can be recycled and such!

Mottainai LOL

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there is so much value A treasure trove! Rare metals in some of this stuff? Probably! Looks like some things are still in decent working condition even, of course needs refurbishments and all but otherwise dang dude just letting it all go to waste is just dumb and ridiculous and you call this good to the environment? LOL I don`t think so!

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All those Haihin Kaishu cockroaches must be all rushing to Tohoku right now! No, wait, I can hear one driving by again...

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Plus Sell the parts, use it also for fuel even! If you are smart you can make good money if you do it right! Think people think!

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Now might not be the time to say this but I (having worked as an electrician for many years) personally believe this is good view of the electrical demand problem in Japan. ALL those small space heaters (sometimes 4 or five of them per home) running @ 100V is soooo inefficient vs. a home designed with a high efficiency heating system (and insulated). There is a better way but this electric or kerosene space heater thing seems to be done out of habit not for-thought.

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Most of that stuff probably was inundated with salt water from the tsunami. You'd have to field-strip the computers and hose them down with fresh water ASAP, then let them air dry before re-assembling them if you ever wanted to use them again. I'd say that right now Sendai has more important uses for their fresh water that trying to save some electronic equipment.

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