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Kappa or Kaparu...is a real short ghost creature runs quiet fast carrying the across-body bag in rural areas. I believed it after i saw it with my own eyes.

At around 19:30 in village in Nepal, i was just walking around talking on the phone, it was already dark, as i was keep walking, 4 ft. Kappa ran in front of me crossing the small village road from one side to another, i immediately stopped whether to walk on or return back and at that time the dog was barking too much from other side in the house, then i realized the dog was telling me to go back. Kappa was still waiting for me although i couldn't see it properly as it was in the bush area and dark. However, i turned around and went back.

I told this to my family and villagers, they told me the dog saved me from Kappas' evil spirit getting inside of me. They also told me to Not to carry meat at night in the village at night.

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seems like a pretty random competition to me, but we do love our mascots.  Why didn't Fukuppi win?  Or Prince Pickles?  surely more of the zeitgeist right now.

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