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2,020 days to go until Tokyo Olympics


Participants form a human "2020" during a countdown event for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on Monday. There are 2,020 days to go until the Tokyo Games.

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Poor Tokyo...going into more debt.

Can anyone name me one Olynic venue in the past that made any money?

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Japangal - I quite agree. I cannot understand why anyone who is not in the list of cronies in for a payout from the under-the-table deals the Olympics always involve would have any enthusiasm for watching their taxes being squandered on such a blatant boondoggle.

Apparently London 2012 made a profit, but there is scant evidence of any of the money making its way back into the public purse it was pilfered from.

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Another chance to spend money in an attempt to 'boost' an economy, pander to the inflated egoes of country leaders, and line the pockets of the big corp sponsors.

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2020 days and work on the venues hasn't even started.. I guess they'll just have to pay double to the cronies in the building industry for express delivery later...

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Can anyone name me one Olynic venue in the past that made any money?

Los Angeles, 1984, which generate a profit of more than $200 million. Then again, they reused their stadium from the 1932 Olympics, which both saved money and added historical and emotional value. Why Japan does not do the same is simply beyond me.

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2020 days to go until the Olympics and how many days until the debt is paid off? It took Montreal, which held the Olympics in 1976, more than 30 years or over 11,000 days to pay off their debt. At least it was paid mostly by a special tax on tobacco. I'm afraid all us poor taxpayers of Tokyo will have to pay for this short nationalistic party that mainly benefits developers and corporate sponsors.

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How much work has been accomplished on the venue? How much has Tohoku recovered? It's going to be a long 2020 days for all those involved. I wonder if there are going to still be people living in temporary housing by then for Japan to show the world how well they have "recovered".

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Why is the sign in English. already we are sacrificing local culture to the lure of the IOC dollar.....

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Los Angeles 1984 was profitable and came in under budget. Lots of licensing. Gives me some ideas on how this can be spun for Tokyo.

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I've been working in London for the past month and my route takes me past the site of the 2012 Olympics. The park often appears deserted as I pass it (usually about 9.30am) and the only notable sight I see are four enormous cranes in the stadium, no doubt there to remodel the whole thing for its next duty. I see no real sign of any regeneration in Stratford, one of the key things that was supposed to have been the reason for the whole deal, other than yet another huge shopping centre which this part of the world has far too many.

Hey Tokyo, if you really want it, you can have it, but I only hope that you don't end up with several huge white elephants like we did. And the bill for them. It's time that the Olympics were returned to what they were supposed to be rather than a huge marketing exercise.

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