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Alfa Romeo unveils its All-New Giulia, right, at an event in Tokyo on Wednesday. At left is a classic Giulia.

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Classic Alfa Giulia was my first car.  A lovely little car, but prone to things breaking.  Are modern Alfas better in that regard?

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The old Giulia (later version) was going to be my first car, but I opted for a Fiat 124 instead. Same size engine, and same rust and electronics issues.

The old Giulia is not made for, what, 40 odd years now. The Fiat 124 design I had still is: it is called a Lada and made under licence in Russia (eg. Moscow car chase in the second Bourne movie).

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There is something about Alfa's they make such a pretty car, a thrill to drive, and be seen in, but its woefully unreliable, I think if there Japanese went to Alfa and said lets make a car thats totally reliable, but You do the art and design, could you imagine that! a car that is sexy, fun, sporty, non rusting and totally reliable it would be a winner,

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Looks vicious ! But beautiful !

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