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Anti-imperial system


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They must be crazy. To be anti-Imperial Family is to be anti-Japan. I am real angry at these protestors. Do they have permission to hold this rally?

-24 ( +6 / -30 )

LGBT is still illegal in China and North Korea. So, it's funny how they began to wear rainbow colors after coming up with the idea of pretending to be LGBT associates. A few years ago, their leaders had beaten their political opponents with discriminatory jokes against gays and lesbians.

-13 ( +1 / -14 )

I just think the imperial system is a part of Japanese culture. So I agree with@Ganbare that to be anti imperial is anti Japan. I've worked with some whose nationality now is Japanese with them having Japanese names and all. But when you talk to them for a long time, they'd glorify the food and culture to which they originally belong and bash most about Japan. Some protesters could be some of them perhaps. The peace and harmony and stability just by seeing them even in pictures is enough assurance that everything is going to be alright.

-21 ( +2 / -23 )

I don't think there's anything wrong with them protesting the continuation of the Imperial family/system nor do I consider it "anti-Japan".

After WWII, there was a lot of talk about the eradication of this. Although we've had very peaceful and likeable emperors for Heisei and after WWII for Hirohito, it doesn't mean that this topic should be forever forgotten nor not be allowed to be considered.

I'm much more sick of the right wing yelling and intimidating people all the time. They don't need to be there to clash with these protesters and cause more trouble. There ARE Japanese who don't support the emperor system.

15 ( +17 / -2 )

It wouldn't surprise me if most of these anti-imperial protesters are either Chinese or Koreans as we all know that they like to peck on these kinds of political topics...

-16 ( +4 / -20 )

Finally some "Common Sense" is starting to show up in Japan. This is 2019 in time not 900AD. Let us start using common sense rather than destroying Tax Payers money!

11 ( +18 / -7 )


Americans, the French and many others do not support the systems of royal families. The Americans and the French went to war over it.

There is a fundamental difference between Japanese monarchy and that of "the French and many others." Japanese monarchy is not a ruler.

-9 ( +5 / -14 )

It takes some guts to do this. The Japanese right wing can be very vicious.

to be anti-imperial is to be anti-Japan

Very flawed argument. Is the opinion that Japan as a society would be improved without the system of hereditary heads of state anti-Japan?

12 ( +15 / -3 )

Finally some "Common Sense" is starting to show up in Japan.

This kind of protest is not new in Japan. There has been a vocal minority against the hereditary monarch idea in Japan for a long time.

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The world media keeps sticking to its outdated and tired stereotypes of Japanese people as being meek sheeple, afraid to stand out and against the grain.

Absolute nonsense. Japanese people can and DO protest and march for issues they feel passionate about. Get with the times, world media.

5 ( +9 / -4 )

Ganbare Japan!Today 07:13 am JST

They must be crazy. To be anti-Imperial Family is to be anti-Japan.

Er .... well no. No on many positions, not the least being that in a democracy (Japan is a democracy isn't it?) peopel have the right to express their opinions on and opposition to things they don't like - as long as it doesn't include hate, bigotry, racist etc intent.

I've mentioned this on here before - My close friend an aging doctor of 80+ years deplores the whole Imperial system, the emperors, the princes, the feigning - the lot. His father - a loving community doctor - was, using his words, "snatched" into the military and sent off to New Guinea to eventually rot to death with 10,000s of others. My friend decided to become a doctor and carryon the good work of his father and is a much loved person in these parts. He LOVES Japan, but he has never forgiven the Imperial War, the war in hte emperor's name.

So, yes, calm, kind, intelligent, gentle Japanese can justifiably be "anti-imperial" as you put it.

12 ( +13 / -1 )

Nothing against Japan's imperial system. As far as I can tell, the vast majority of Japanese very much approve of it. And, nothing against the anti-imperial system demonstrations. They have their rights too (as long as they stay within the law) Would just like to make one thing clear. Not all "right-wingers" are pro-imperial system. Many disagree with the postwar family's way. Many disagree with commoners entering the family (such as Michiko and Masako). Many disagree with the way the Heisei Emperor and Empress knelt among the commoners and even spoke to them after disasters. I think the recent changes of the Imperial Family and hopeful changes in the future will help the imperial system keep up with moderns times.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

I kind of disagree with the protestors. But I support their right to protest. This is a democracy, or it's supposed to be.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

Finally some conscientious Japanese woke up to this obsolete system. For some they knew that the Imperial system had been ruining their lives.

-1 ( +4 / -5 )

To be anti-Imperial Family is to be anti-Japan. I am real angry at these protestors.

Remember what Imperialism in Japan led to in 1945. The Emperor in 1945 essentially led Japan to self-destruct at great cost to it's own people.

If you don't like these protesters try hanging out with the right wingers for a day - see how that goes...

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

On one hand I do not like the imperial system but I like the current emperor and the emperor emeritus. The irony is that Akahito and son have been among the strongest opposition to Abe / LDP right-wing authoritarianism. They have not confront the Abe gang directly--constitutionally the cannot--but they have quietly stood up for democracy and truth when they could. Pointedly, Abe did not invite the imperial family to the 150th anniversary of the so-called Meiji restoration because he knew Akahito would talk about the dark side of Meiji. Abdication further derailed the "mikado worship" started in the Meiji Era.

Yeah, it's a tough call. I'd first rather see the LDP go before the emperor system.

4 ( +5 / -1 )

If the opponents of this demonstration are classified as "Right Wingers" what political leanings do the anti-imperial mob have?

-4 ( +0 / -4 )

What a start to Reiwa (Beautiful harmony) Era! What irony!

1 ( +1 / -0 )

zichiToday  07:55 am JST

Americans, the French and many others do not support the systems of royal families. The Americans and the French went to war over it.

Everything was peaceful in France Until 1789, under Louis XVI, there were no wars on French Territory....

Now, in 2019, more french people think about having a King (me included :) )

my source (in french sorry) : https://www.lci.fr/politique/pres-d-un-francais-sur-trois-prets-a-voter-pour-un-candidat-royaliste-2000674.html

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

I like what little I know of this emperor and his father, but from what I know about grandpa Hirohito, he was really responsible for Japan's WWII role. He could have stopped Japan from committing the atrocities and even stopped Japan from going to war. I personally don't like the emperor/king system. But these poor blokes who have to carry that role cannae help their lot in life. They just have to buckle up and follow all the protocol. Wha' I cannae stand is arrogance while doing it. E.g., U.K.

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People who're talking against these protestors, I can understand why you guys would be getting mad at this. I first too thought it was weird since Imperial in Japan is rather peaceful and it does not deal with country's rules and systems at all.

However, I was told that many people who lost their families in WWII still hold grudge against the imperial family. It might be absurd but they're not just doing it for no reason.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

In many ways the Imperial System is out of date and should be taken away. There is some grey area here though. I have found that while the system itself is outdated, many of the Imperial family are better on current events and policy making then some of the right-wing politicians that are currently in power. The aging of the Prime Minister and his cabinet are sometimes further behind the times then the beliefs of the Imperial Family. If they have any pull, even only as a public figure and not a governmental one of any sort they could vastly help the country still by using this outdated system for the good of it's people.

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I’ll be whatever you two want me to be :)

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