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Bullet train office car


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*I'm wondering what the point is. It doesnt look like an office. It looks like a normal train carriage. As for the "telecommunications equipment," I had wifi service last time I was overseas on trains and buses. I assumed the Shinkansen has it too for all carriages.
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Seems like a silly idea to me.

He or she likely used another mode of public transport to even get into the Shinkansen.

That day, 100s will use the car if the program is successful...but the goal is to stay home and save lives now isn’t it?

Or am I to believe that going and riding spacious trains spreading and receiving viruses is a great idea?

Perhaps the head of Shinkansen and the transport minister will the first to receive fines under the new law? Or will they be fining those who refuse to go home after testing above a certain temp.

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I'm wondering what the point is.

I think the main point is it’s socially acceptable to talk in this car ie use your phone.

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If someone sat next to you, I would not feel nice any more whatever due to car became a little crowded.

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We travel around Japan at least once a month as travel during the pandemic is amazingly easy and the sites and exploring safe and fun. I love the Shinkansen, but the free wifi has a lot to be desired. Constantly cuts out and you have to sign back in. Plus it is hourly. We end up going back to our 4G.

Improve the Wi-Fi infrastructure first, or Zoom ain’t gonna happen.

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I'm confused. Is this train actually moving? Are these people commuting? If not an they're teleworking, why would you want to be near strangers when you could be at home? Lots of questions.

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Now we have a Shinkansen carriage with wifi and a fax machine by the door. People can use their phones for internet. Proper tables instead of the fold downs. vending machines for drinks.

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I agree with many comments with the what's the point, however, we all have to think outside the box and if they find a demand for it and it helps their ridership all the more power to them in these very trying times both personally and financially.

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Simply calling it something it isn't isn't very effective marketing...

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All the naysayers commenting here, I have to ask: have any of you actually experieinced this service yet? My guess would be, no. But its something new to grouse about, albeit from a position of little or no knowledge other than the very limited description provided in the story.

If this service becomes available in the Chugoku/Kyushu area, I will give it a try as I am often on the Shinkansen for business between home and various contracts I have here. Until then, I'll hold my uneducated opinion.

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Bullet train office car

Just looks like a guy in a train to me, using his computer.

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Just looks like a guy in a train to me, using his computer.

It is. Read the article.

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