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Deers in Nara doesn't look happy and healthy. Always asking for food with their sad face. They don't sit and relax like they used to be. It's all because of tourist spoiling them.

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It's all because of tourist spoiling them.

As they are encouraged to by the deer-snack sellers, tourism campaigns, and constant publicity such as this photo press release here.

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The trouble with the Nara deer is that they will eat any sort of paper you are holding in your hand. Try to save a map or pamphlet once a deer has gotten ahold of it. They must have built up an immunity ink by now.

The Nara deer are not tame like house pets. They are wild animals that have reached a certain compromise with humans. That compromise is essentially that they will eat whatever is in your hand. But they are not cuddly Disney characters and can be dangerous when they think their young are in danger.

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We visited recently on one of our Support Japanese Mom's and Pop's tour trips. The Shika Senbei are junk. There are much better things you can bring along to help these dear as the roughage is so worn out and chewed down and the deer are not in good shape.

Read up on deer before you go to feed them and designate one carry on luggage case specifically for deer esa/food.

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Deer me indeed. How adorable.

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