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Happy Halloween in September


Halloween merchandise is on sale at a Daiso store in Tokyo on Saturday. Although Halloween is still nearly two months away, stores have been selling related goods since last week. Theme parks, including Tokyo Disneyland, will kick off their Halloween season next week.

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...and back in Germany, where Halloween is only an excuse to party wild until morning, shops are rolling out the Christmas sweets, nothing new

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Halloween, Christmas, there'll be Easter eggs on the shop shelves any day now.

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Valentines Day store propaganda should be out in a week or two.

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Weasel - Valentines Day stuff will be out shortly after the Christmas stuff which will be out Nov.1.

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I wonder where Japanese businesses got the idea of turning festivals like Halloween into a money spinning festival from.

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I feel like responding by festooning the outside of my home with all those decorations from today, and leave them up for a few months.

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Jimizo - Ain't capitalism great?

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Mamon must be pleased. By the way, Halloween in Japanese is おせつぶん. Last day before New Year on the old Chinese calendar, just like Halloween was on the pre-Julian calendar. Similar rituals and folk traditions.

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I have never heard Halloween referred to as おせつぶん. Setsubun takes place in early February. Before Japanese started calling Halloween ハロウィン, it was referred to as Kabotchasai (Pumpkin Festival), but I don't know how far back its history in Japan goes.

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My local Seria had Halloween goods out straight after Obon vacation finished. ...I know because I bought a bunch of it. /I have to take advantage of the limited time to purchase so many cute ghost, black cat and bat goods.

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I LOVE autumn and Halloween is fun - even as an adult with the parties and costumes and such. Still, September has just started! You guys in Japan are jumping the gun just like we do in America. What gives?

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