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Ummmm cute and all that, and I know I am stating the obvious, but where is the social distancing?

And don't tell us that Asians don't embrace and that's a major reason coronavirus cases are low here.

People really need to have more common sense.

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Ah, but common sense is uncommon.

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Not the message we need to be receiving right now.

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Before you shout social distancing, consider these two are most likely partners and might just be living together. It's impossible to distance themselves. Or they are't and just don't care.

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A cute young couple not panicking as much as everyone else!?

They deserve jail.

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Maybe they could find more romantic place. Not some any full crowded background.

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Uh, the masks....highly unromantic. Get those things off your faces. Just wash your hands after all the lovey dovey.

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If those two young people are a couple and neither is sick, why the masks? I have to laugh, wondering how they kiss.

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Masks and headphones, not partners but more likely Junior Hs or Hs graduates, could be the last picture taken for a while from this spot??

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Love in the Time of Coronavirus.

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