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Is she handing out leaflets from Happiness Realization Party?

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"My face shield is directing droplets onto the leaflets, but take one anyway!"

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I saw a woman at the supermarket yesterday shopping with one of these and no surgical mask.

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I saw on Saturday a completely irresponsible action by Monster at Shibuya station with a group of 20 young promotional staff , shouting their lungs out, lining up people coming from the trains to hand out free cans of Monster. Unbelievable the company thinks of doing this, and in a busy station and that JR allows it.

the social distancing measures were a joke . What is monster going to do when it’s staff or a pax gets sick. Completely irresponsible

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This is like the drivers who suddenly stop on a busy road to answer their phone. By stopping they get it half right - but don't realize it'd be much better to go 10 meters further down the road and pull into the convenience store parking area.

She clearly understands the importance of wearing a face mask / shield, but seemingly doesn't realize the need to protect her hands.

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Wasn't there a study in a European country where face shields aren't effective by themselves? A mask or combination of shield and mask were more effective than just a shield.

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She is protecting herself yet handing out her DNA sample with no gloves on.

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Handing out pamphlets for arc welders?

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I wish people would just stop handing out trash altogether. Sometimes, yeah, it’s convenient to get tissues, but 9 times out of 10, I’d rather they just let me walk in peace and save the box loads of wasted paper.

But, now, in a pandemic, get real. I’m surprised this is even allowed.

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