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This picture is taken yesterday?


What time and which Line?

Unfortunately I can not clearly recognize the station map over the door.

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It's the Ginza line (station 10, hence the G10 in the orange circle), from what I can tell. Other sources seem to claim the photo is from May 13th (apparently it was taken by an Associated Press/AP photographer?). No idea about time of day.

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It's Kyobashi station on the Ginza Line, Monty.

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Sitting volleyball. Emblematic of what is wrong with the Olympics. Severely downsize them to what they were in the Greek days - no basketball, no baseball, they all have their own venues - and you'll see cities eager to host them.

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The artist forgot to add the spike proteins to New Corona-kun.

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What is sitting volleyball?

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That’s Someity-chan, the Paralympic mascot, @gogogo 4:54p “What is Sitting Volleyball?” - It’s a ‘Paralympic Sport’ for disabled persons who cannot stand up. Can’t imagine yours is an intentional slight but we cant overlook the editorial ‘snafu’ with the poor choice of wording: The caption “Standing Room” next to a photo depicting special, wheel-chair accessibility demonstrates a serious lack of awareness and sensitivity for persons with disabilities. We recommend: -

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@Laguna 9:13am - Sitting volleyball. Emblematic of what is wrong with the Olympics.” - ??

Sitting Volleyball is a ‘Paralympic Sport’ for disabled persons who cannot stand up. Can’t imagine yours is an intentional slight at disabled persons either. A poor choice for a title and accompanying caption may have led you down that mistaken path. (Thanks to @AlfieNoakes 8:27am & @iamtheponz 8:21a for the location. The subsequent research was not that difficult.)

Picture Of The Day - Standing room - A woman stands in a subway car that shows one of the Tokyo Olympics Games characters in Tokyo on Thursday.

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snoweymountainhell - thank you. Appreciated.

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No worries, @Laguna 8:24pm. Hearts always in the right place’, a fellow ‘boarder and enjoy sports for the performance. More event (if they still happen) information here:

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