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Typhoon-hit Kansai airport bridge fully reopens


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5 billion yen repair job it was reported elsewhere. As the full costs are known upon completion, the next step is filing a compensation claim for that amount against the tanker's owner.

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Ban all future ships from the bridge area. The airport is sinking and was badly damaged by the typhoon including the loss of power. Important hub for West Japan.

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@zichi--the problem with having a busy international airport is they need regular shiploads of fuel to keep the airplanes aloft. The airport probably allowed flights on the morning of the typhoon, and the ship was hunkering down after making its delivery (could have been the night before?). The typhoon featured record wind speeds that easily snapped street signs, metal billboard frames, and the like, so the ship's anchor wasn't enough to keep it from zigzagging several kms over to the bridge where tankers are already obviously banned.

One interesting thing about Kanku if you look at an Osaka prefecture city map with local city boundaries, the airport is so long that it is divided between three onshore municipalities. So the tanker was working in the waters off Hannan and was blown through the Sennan section and into Izumi Otsu city territory where it hit the bridge. If you walk around the non-bridge neighborhoods, you can see old signs advocating the construction of an underwater tunnel to the airport to complement the bridge. But for whatever reason it was a proposal that never came to fruition.

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Oops, Izumi Otsu = Izumi Sano.

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Well done!

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