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Virtual Sapporo Snow Festival


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What's with the spelling Sapp_ ro? Is that supposed to be a smile?

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Ive seen Tv programs all about the Sapparo snow festival it looks absolutely fantastic, how they deisign, build, these huge constructions is beyond me ( its on my bucket list to go to) needles to say the amout of time and effort that goes into building them as well, although its down scalled this year I am glad it can be veiwed online, I am sure it will be back next year, bigger and better.

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Wow, impressive. craftsmanship. It is shame nature insists such skill melts away.

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Everyone should see it at least once. The artists model the snow with incredible skill, and the entire athmosphere is surreal.

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What is of more interest to me than the snow festival itself is the role that men such as Mr. Clark played in Japan's evolution to a fascist state in the 1930s and 1940s. I would like to think that there is a cautionary tale in there for the rest of us, and that it was not inevitable that Japan would descend into fascism.

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