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Where is everybody?


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Very misleading headline! No information provided as well…location and time! Japan Today seem to be running out of ideas for picture of the day!

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dont matter. pictures are almost always tokyo anyway, cause you know... japan = tokyo

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Everbody in my neighborhood is at the Pachinko Parlors, Supermarket and Convenience Store eat-in spaces and McDonalds.

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Is the implication that this is the current state of play in Tokyo?? Taken in the context of the times we live in and the recent news narrative - this is a very misleading caption for a fairly normal photo.

I could take a similar picture on almost any little narrow side street in Tokyo, on any day, if I waited around long enough.

‘Where is everybody?’ Well, if other reports are to be remembered, they are all packed together on the platform of Ikebukuro station, and commuting to work in small enclosed spaces.

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Shot yesterday but at what time? Probably early morning.

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Headline of the day

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Oh, I get it. This is like Where's Waldo. Is that Ever in the window, top center, just above all those power lines crossing the street?

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Yea! We are now, "Where is everybody?"

Get lost, Waldo.

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Tokyo best city of the world !!..

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They are all in my neighbourhood, packed on trains, shoulder to shoulder in ramen shops, coffeeshops, filling pachinko places.

another propagandistic message. We know better

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Responsible and safely at home.

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In the drug parlour/sex dungeon just inches below his feet..,,

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Tokyo best city of the world !!..

certainly havent seen many cities around the world have you.

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I am surprised that no one who commented above got the Twilight Zone reference. 'Where is everybody' was the first episode of the initial Twilight Zone series of the 1950s.

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