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A day at the beach


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Going to the beach later this week. Looking forward to it.

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Just got back from Shirahama beach in Izu. They are checking everyone's temperatures at entrances and have beach setions cordoned off in about 3x3 meter sections. Doesn't look like they are doing this in Enoshima.

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Love the beach in Japan.

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Looks like bad air. Pity.

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I personally don't recommend any beach around Shonan/ Yuigahama/ Enoshima in Kanagawa prefecture.

Water is a dirty.

In stead, try to go to Shimoda (下田) in Izu (伊豆) in Shizuoka prefecture where there are many different beaches with cleaner water.

伊豆白浜大浜 is a famous one.


Take a train, Odoriko 踊り子 from Shinjuku, taking 2 hours 45 min, and stay at least one night at hotel there .

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Love the beach in 能登 Ishikawa, close to home, beautiful clear water , and the best part is other than a few neighbors no one is ever there.

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So all you guys go out...travel...enjoy....

You dont care about Corona Virus...

That is nice!

I like that!

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Love the beach in Japan.

ive only seen a few that actually had white sand and were void of rubbish. Japanese beaches in the city are annoyingly overcrowded and dirty

My father's home is about 200m from the beach its about 10km long pure white sand and rarely has a person on it, you can actually relax with your family go for a swim and not have to worry about people stealing your stuff

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Filthy beach last time I went. Prefer some of the beaches in Chiba’s Boso Peninsula like OHara. People don’t respect beaches in Japan. Too much litter.

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Glad to hear that there is still nice beaches in Japan for Japanese to enjoy. Have a nice summer break!

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It's hard to find quiet long sandy blue beaches and also dog friendly beach in Japan except Okinawa.

Japanese beaches are too wavy and windy just like Britain beaches and full of crowds with expensive parking.

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People fully clothed on a beach? In 35C heat? What's the point?

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I would much prefer sitting at Onjuku beach instead of Enoshima.

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