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A day at the beach


Participants carry a portable shrine and parade through the sea during a mid-winter festival at Enoshima beach in Fujisawa, west of Tokyo, on Sunday. The annual festival is held to celebrate youths coming of age this year as well as to pray for the safety of the portable shrines.

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as well as to pray for the safety of the portable shrines

They obviously don't smash them together at this festival. Shame.

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Good to see many of the young dudes in the picture sticking with the traditional /cultural local stuff. It's got to be passed on from generation to generation so it remains alive.

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Yeah, what an amazing thing to witness...

: /

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Damn that water would be cold....

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But it is nippy weather outside, i would only join in a wetsuit!

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I like the sailboat in the background.

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dont think i would like my privates in a loin clock rubbing against the rear of the t-back wearing guy in front of me. just me?

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I love Japanese culture.

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Lovely day for a paddle in the sea!

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Enoshima is a beautiful beach to go visit. You can get a good view of Mt. Fuji on a clear day.

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It looks like the hefty guys are carrying the load and the thinner ones are hanging on!

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can think of at least 20 other things that would be more fun to do in my spare time. tradition is the biggest hindrance to human advancement

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