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A family strolls along a pier in Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture, on Friday.

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Nice to see a peer without damage

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i am so jealous. my parents never take me out when i was little. no wonder my family is mess-up as of today.

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I don't want to disregard the suffering and damage from this episode but life will slowly return to some sense of normality. It will take time, but it will happen.

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It truly is amazing that Matsushima got so little damage. The islets protected the town. I just love to enjoy that view from the top of the pagoda there.

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Depending on the wind direction, they don't know how many radioactive particles they are breathing in. It seems like a beautiful day though.

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@tigerguy: What a pointless, thoughtless comment on a single article trying to depict something good right now.

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I like Matsushima and am happy is wasn't destroyed. Lots of damage apparently, but compared to elsewhere it was somewhat protected. I wonder if the famous long red bridge survived? Eerily, I was going through my photos of my last trip there just recently - and saw I had taken one of big tsunami warning sign...

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