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A helping hand from Ono


Yoko Ono, second from right, performs with Japanese musicians during a charity concert for underprivileged children and victims of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, in Tokyo on Thursday night, the 31st anniversary of John Lennon's death.

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I only see one musician (barely) in this picture.

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Far left: Soundman? Hello? Mike down, one-gai shimasu?!

Middle left: Yoko-san, meet, the hand!

Yoko Ono: Waaaa is oooooovah, if you waaaaaaaaant!

Far right: I gave up a night of 3D DS Mario-Kart, for this?

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Trying to profit off oh her husbands success.............FAIL

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The dude on the left...he looks like he is thinking..America-Japan this chick blows no matter where she is.

The Mario Kart comment was pretty funny.

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Perhaps this should read "A Helping Hand for Us All from the Guy Behind Ono"? He looks like he is about to do what we have all been wanting to do for so long.

Trying to profit off oh her husbands success.............FAIL

For 31 years - epic fail.

Kudos that the concert is at least for charity though.

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The charity angle is a great idea. But, I imagine people would pay more for her to stop singing.

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Readers, please do not use this thread to post anti-Ono rants. It is inappropriate for a story about a good cause.

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It is for a good cause.

Maybe they should put out a CD from it.

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Slagging off Ono? Imaginative...hasn't been done before has it?

Good call from the moderator...

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Right on MM.

The slaggers come out like a broken record.

I'm sure Y.O. contributions to making this a better place for many far exceed the collective zilch from the mockers.

Do something - make a change.

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performs with Japanese musicians

Seeing as the concert was in Tokyo, in Japan, for a Japanese cause, they look Japanese, with no reason for them to be any other nationality, that is what I rather assumed they'd be..lol. What next, "Kimu Taku sings in a Japanese group, in a Japanese stadium, for a Japanese crowd, at a Japanese concert, with a Japanese microphone.."

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Yoko Ono is a naturalized U.S. citizen.

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It's for charity....good on her. Three cheers for Yoko. If it was a Yoko Ono solo concert...then I can understand the Yoko attacks...... but i don't see why people should be attacking her when she is on stage (albiet howling and screeching) all in the name of charity. Like i said....good on her. If it was you or I on stage people wouldn't give it a second thought. Having her in the mix raises peoples attention and that is the main aim to this event.

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Yoko Ono net worth: US$500million, and yet RAISES MONEY for charity.

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I voted for her the best rock band ever in that other string.

Lovely voice and a nice woman.

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Kudos to the old lady - she sure is getting on in years - but has anyone here ever heard her sing? Absolutely appalling - the sound of a cat being strangled springs to mind.

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awww ^o^ this is awesome!

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Myself, not a fan of Ms Ono, nor her art or what she put ol' John through(granted he wrote some of his best stuff during that time).

Said that kudos for her doing the charity events.

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can the other musicians at least get their names included here? It looks like Okuda Tamio on the right who is actually very talented.

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If she has 500 million, it would be a nice gesture for her to give half back to Japan. She can set up the charity herself, and designate where the funds should be spent.

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can the other musicians at least get their names included here?

No, they are just "Japanese"!!

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