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A long way down


A boy sits on the "look down window" on the 150-meter-high viewing platform of Tokyo Tower.

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Learn to control your fear , Young Padawan!!

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Crazy how just looking at this photo makes me feel acrophobic. Have to visit the Tokyo tower the next time I'm in town.

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Have to visit the Tokyo tower the next time I'm in town.

It's cheaper than taking the kids to that enormous 'insecurity tree" in Oshiage and it will be just as thrilling. They need to appreciate every bit that remains from Showa Japan apart from their grandparents' ramblings.

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oh man oh man oh man oh man....

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Be careful not to wet your pants.

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The glass floor on Tower Bridge in London cracked..... i would be shi##ing myself.

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I believe Abeno Harukas in Osaka also has some kind of glassbox extension on the outside of their building on the 60th floor, just costs 1500 yen to go up there.

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There's something similar on the Akashi Kaikyo bridge (on the walkway behind the restaurant attached to the bottom of the bridge, you can access it from the Akashi side).

Or you can see the whirlpool(s) at Naruto from a walkway on the bottom of the bridge between Awajishima and Tokushima.

Both very much worth checking out if you are in Kansai.

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It's cheaper than taking the kids to that enormous 'insecurity tree" in Oshiage and it will be just as thrilling

You do realize it was built for a purpose, right? And sorry, I think a view from 450 meters is different from 150 meters.

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My vertigo is kicking in just looking at that. I've been up Tokyo Tower and when my ex stood on that panel I nearly frreaked out. Okay she's built like a skelf, but even so... how can anyone stand on that?

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Whenever I go to Tokyo Tower I get on the glass, and then I jump up and down. I enjoy the look on everyone faces when I do that.

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A long vacation?

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Too bad they need to have those wires in place which kind of spoils the whole floating 150m over the pavement feeling. I am not so much worried about heights as I am about some idiot showing up with a chunk of porcelain from a broken spark plug and 'accidentally on purpose' dropping it on that glass 'just to see what happens'. That's what scares the pee out of me!

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It's not regular glass that can be easily broken with simple objects, unless you plan to drop a jackhammer on it. The floor is made of toughen glass that's engineered to take a huge amount of weight and punishment. Even if the floor cracks you can't fall through it. The Tokyo Tower website say it's OK to jump on it.


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