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Tokyo Sky Tree reaches up into the sky. The landmark tower opens on May 22.

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Poor choice of words since Japan's Landmark Tower (in Yokohama) opened on July 16th 1993.

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triangular steel structure of some technical features = Tokyo Sky Tree (!)

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Brilliant - Always a cheery sight to see the Tokyo/Japan bashers out in force first thing in the morning!! Idiots.

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@JetSpeed How about here "landmark" is used as adjective to describe object's significance, and in case of Yokohama we have capitalized proper noun (construction's official name). There's nothing wrong with choice of words IMO.

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Thank you Gornes. Exactly the kind of response I no longer have the patience to make.

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The choice of words is fine. Please post something more pertinent.

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I can totally sense some kind of disaster regarding this landmark. The rush to get it built, the falling ice, etc. It seems building the tallest structure was so important, I hope nobody fudged some sefety laws or overlooked some rules (ie. Fukushima nuclear plants) to show this trophy off to the world.

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As stated in another thread, this thing will withstand a mega earthquake. If I am in Tokyo when this happens, I'm running to the top of this ugly thing to be safe. LoL!

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@Debucho You can have all the safety rules you want some times if something is going to happen its going to happen.

Personally I think these big buildings are eye sores but then again I am a country boy.

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Nice photo.

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How about "landmark eyesore" just to provide some differentiation?

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The true sense ot its height would be walking up the 1000s of stairs instead of taking the lift!

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It should be called the "Drivel Tower", since that is what it will be broadcasting 99% of the time.

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This would be on my list of spots to hit with my kid. Would point out the Imperial Palace...look son a family lives there and the rest of us live in expensive shoeboxes...

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They should have painted it something besides grey, what is Japan's obsession with grey's and browns?

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Unfortunately with this angle, almost half the tower beyong the viewing deck is barely visible.

I enjoyed views of the 'old' Tokyo Tower yesterday evening, yellow-lit, through low cloud and mist, reaching moodily into the clouds - iconic.

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Actually, it's quite beautiful when lit up at night. Chandelier comes to mind.

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I'll never forget when Sky Tree opens - it's my birthday. Wish I could get in for free :)

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hey should have painted it something besides grey, what is Japan's obsession with grey's and browns?

Wikipedia to the rescue:

The exterior lattice is painted a colour officially called "Sky Tree White". This is an original colour based on a bluish white traditional Japanese colour called aijiro (藍白?).

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We sure are getting a lot of sky tree news lately here on JT.

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Question is how will people have to wait to get up there? I think a million people will queue just for the first week! I think I will wait for a couple of years before getting up (if by then I've found any interest in getting up there)...

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*how long

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Kakukakushikajika, there will not be a long wait as you can only go if you have a reservation. If you don't have a reservation, you'll have to wait until the middle of July.

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The further up it you look, the less elegant it gets. Can someone tell me whether the top has a helipad on it, otherwise why so flat?

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"Drivel Tower" ahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahhahahahahha good one

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Since this project was first announced (and named) there has been plenty of questioning, joking around, slagging, comments of every stripe. Some of them were even justified. But now that the Sky Tree is finished, it's hard to be anything other than impressed. These super-tall structures are engineering marvels.

@JonathanJo: there's nothing "flat" about the top of the tower. The top is an antenna.

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Another great engineering feat for Japanese engineers. Congratulations!

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I'm currently designing my top floor penthouse suite.

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Whether people accept it or not SkyTree was necessary. At least they were doing it for the right reasons and not as a competition. Tokyo Tower no longer gives complete digital terrestrial television broadcasting coverage because it is surrounded by to many high-rise buildings. This will also help with radio broadcast signals as well so it's really a win win. This is something New York could use as it is even worse then Tokyo. In contrast what is even more amazing is how fast they put this up. Freedom Tower has been in the works for 10 years which is somewhat a joke. At least Japan is moving forward and gets things done. At least in this case. At $806 million it was a bargain as most projects this big cost twice as much. Not to mention it could not have come at a better time. Looking forward to going up in this. :)

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