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A woman wearing a mask takes part in an anti-nuclear demonstration outside Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda's official residence in Tokyo on Friday.

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No Protesters 2012. Air conditioning, easy travel and full employment are more important. Does anyone care about the cost to taxpayers for control and clean-up?

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What a bunch of losers they would rather that all the production jobs go overseas. Talk about people not seeing the "big picture"

At the moment we need Nuclear power what we don't is the "old boys network" running the safely side

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Agreed with that last part about the "old boys network" running the 'safety' side. I'm one of many that believe that alternative energy is viable, with a gradual reduction in nuclear power. Pity this message will likely go unnoticed. Mr. Noda seems to be more interested in the Senkaku Islands these days.

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I can't believe that some nuclear power plants are sitting on/around potential dangerous active faults for years. The most terrible disasters would happen sooner or later if they don't stop them now. It seems that Japan digs its own grave if it don't stop nuclear power.

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@kwat: Need to add the U.S. and China to the list of countries that operate nuclear plants in proximity to active faults or along coastlines subject to tsunamis.

"It can be hard to avoid such locations, given a nation's geology and the billions of gallons of water the plants require." -WSJ

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All of Japan sits on a fault zone. It is the reason Mt. Fuki as well as all the other mountains exist. Plates crash together, mountains form. The tsunami took out the power plant. Remote (minimum 20 KM) power supplies are the best solution to keeping the reactor cool.

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noriyosan73Jul. 21, 2012 - 01:45PM JST

The tsunami took out the power plant. Remote (minimum 20 KM) power supplies are the best solution to keeping the reactor cool.

No need for remote, and infact that makes things worse. Simply don't build your transformers and generators on ground level, build them up on the hills (which practically every site has) that are 30m or taller... and build several places just in case one comes down due to a mudslide or something of that nature.

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zichiJul. 21, 2012 - 01:58PM JST

The right to assemble and protest is an important one.

Yes, but the right to blatantly lie is not.

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