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Sunrise over Kamikochi in Nagano Prefecture.

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Beautiful indeed, an early morning rare present from JT !!!

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Wow! Look beautiful! Clear, blue sky over ground layered with snow.

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good morning! bluest sky, sunshine, snow white, land of the rising sun, i love you!

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Beautiful shot.

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Very good morning to all... :)

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Awesome!! Very calming to look at.

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great photo, thanks JT

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Beautiful photo. Makes me wish I was there.

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Running out of new(s) pictures? It hasn't snowed in Kamikochi yet this season.

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Been snowing quiet a bit in Japan already.

BTW, there is a "New world in the morning"(somewhat appropriate giving a recent loss): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4NhzKXCFY0

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I think Kamikochi is one of the most beautiful places in Japan. When I was at my art studio in the Japan Alps I visited many times to make paintings. I especially like the red leaf autumn. You can't go there when it snows, the road is closed from about Oct/Nov to Mar/April.

Kamikochi feels like the birth place of Japan and one of the first places to come up out of the sea. The mother of Japan.

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I just looked this up and there is no snow there. What gives?

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Kamikochi, most likely the most pristine area of Japan. Feel fortunate if you are lucky enough to stay at one of the hotels there. No cars allowed. It's awesome. The water is so clean you want to drink it. Bring money though. The souvenirs there are cheap.

If you are driving there I HIGHLY suggest driving over to Takayama. You'll find a cave along the way if you have a guide book. Sorry forgot the name of that cave but it's nice inside.

Continue down to Takayama where they have some of the best Sake Japan has to offer. A very friendly town too. Eat in the area, don't get trapped by the places along the way to the center of Takayama. Lots of delicious food in town.

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