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A sight for saur eyes


A worker adjusts a Tarbosaurus' skull replica, which has been assembled with its actual skeleton that was found in the Gobi Desert, during preparation for the Amazing Dinosaur of the Gobi Desert exhibition at the National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo. The exhibition will be held from Oct 26 to Feb 23, 2014.

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Nice museum for Japan. :)

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Mankind would not have been able to live with a beast like that peering around a tree looking at the back side of man.

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with its actual skeleton

Yeah, no. That bone was long gone millions of years ago.

"...with its fossilized skeleton..." perhaps.

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Japan and it's white workers glove industry, must be a billion dollar a year industry.

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Must have been a scary era when these dinosaures roamed the earth.

Yup. Very important to keep the cave door locked at all times in those days.

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Gobi Gobi Godzilla !!!

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Must have been a scary era when these dinosaures roamed the earth.

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