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Abe in Britain


British Prime Minister David Cameron meets with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at his Downing Street residence in London on Thursday.

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Why is Abe sitting like he's an oyaji on the Ginza line..

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I think Call Me Dave bored Abe's aide to sleep.

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Abe's awesome!

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Why is Davie sitting like a smug, over-privileged, shiny-faced Eton pillock?

Oh, because that's exactly what he is....

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Abe's agenda to promote not only Japanese industry but also its commitment to peaceful collaboration with other countries is being heard ns POSITIVELY received by Euro countries. . . who actually value Japanese for their peaceful and aesthetic qualities and also Japanese products for their techno state-of-art excellence , often unsurpassed. GO FOR IT ABE?

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Abe is demonstrating the size of his silver spoon. Dave could certainly give him a run for his money.

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Cameron's aide has an interesting expression. Either she doesn't think much of Abe's Robert De Niro impression, she just realised someone forgot to take down the Pearl Harbor painting over the fireplace, or she's trying not to laugh at the person off-photo who's rubbing Abe's leg with the fluffy thing on a stick.

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