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Abe in Chile


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife Akie tour the Santa Lucia Hill Japanese Gardens in Santiago, Chile, on Thursday. The Japanese leader is on a Latin American tour that include visits to Brazil, Chile and Mexico.

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WOW, did they lower the level of the water in case some one fell in during the visit?

I know it's winter and all but it never gets cold enough in Santiago to merit draining a fountain plus it looks like they were right in the middle of cleaning it before Abe showed up. No one gave the gardens a heads up?

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"Splendid vacation, wish you were here!" Taxpayers footing the bill for the paid vacation. Travel all over the world but still can't get better relations with the two important next door neighbors...real diplomacy at work. In the mean time back at home, the baby sitter is saying that the nuke ice wall ain't working...

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Plenty of concrete and small amounts of stunted vegetation in the distance: yep, it's a Japanese garden, alright.

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Good job Abe, spreading good diplomacy Japones style.

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The bonsai trees behind the fence look huge.

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wow that bridge would be hard to build!

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Beautiful Garden, BTW the trees behind of fence is not bonsais which is miniature trees or plants planted in a pot or tray. We don't call trees planted on land bonsai.

He is excellent in diplomatic and economic cooperation to Latin American countries.

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@toshiko Thank you for your comment. I meant it as a joke.

Since its birth thousands of years ago to now, bonsai has been alive and well, helping mankind find delicate harmony with nature. That is a big legacy for such a little tree

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Ponds are miniature lakes (koike) and families kept carps. To keeps ninjas and thieves away, houses had Tourou near miniature lakes In this garden, behind of three people left of Abe, you see large rocks piled pagoda (tourou - lantern structure). on each stone stuck, house workers put a candle and candle lights gave lights. The bridge, you can sit on and watch carps swimming. However, home owners children were directed to walk center of bridge. Old feudal era created irrigation system in entire city supplied water. Not for people's sake but when intruder comes, sound of carp would prevent ninjas coming under the house.

Japanese love Latin America and admire Latin culture

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Chinas PM was just in SA and while there signed around 100 trade agreements, Japan had better get there butt into gear if they want any hope of catching up

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