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Abe on the move


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, left, gives a joint statement with his Portuguese counterpart Pedro Passos Coelho following their meeting at Sao Bento palace in Lisbon on Friday. Shinzo Abe is in Portugal on a two-day official visit. It was his third country in three days, having already visited Germany and Britain.

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Amazing man - promoting business and diplomacy for Japan. From the Interna'l press he is well received - underscoring the longstanding respect Japan holds for its high tech competency !!! Way to go Abe-san !!!!

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Oh yes amazing man. Now if he could only solve the actual problems Japan is facing without angering Japan's neighbors. If Abe could only get his cabinet under control without Aso making comments that Hitler is an example of leadership, that "yellow people" are more favorable in diplomacy, and that pensioners need to hurry up and die. If only Abe could keep Suzuki under control so he does not go to Seoul to desecrate memorials to the sex slaves, and then travel to California to embarrass Japan spewing anti-Korean piffle. Oh yes, Abe is amazing indeed.

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He is trying achieving that much, that he has lost insight of his surroundings.

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Japan is the 97 lb weakling that gets sand kicked in his face at the beach from the bully who is now fed up and taking the Charles Atlas course with extras from Count Dante and his Dim Mak death touch...

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Abe's world trips have been successful in making those countries than Obama trips. Only bountries hate Japan are Japan's neighbors. Are these neighbors get friendly acceptance from other countries than Abe gets for Japan?

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@semper, well said! @toshi, though, I do consider Obama's trip successful esp in the Phils , I do believe the same too. Long Live PM Abe!

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