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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe shows off a Koko Plus package during the opening session of the Tokyo International Conference on African Development in Yokohama on Saturday. Koko Plus is a nutritional supplement that has been developed by Japanese food and chemical corporation Ajinomoto in collaboration with a local company and the University of Ghana to improve children nutrition in Ghana.

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special offer : Abe Plus point 5x ! not interested.

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looks good! I wanna try it!

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To promote a product you definitely need teeth whitening. Abe San is in need of.

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Now all Ghana needs is a reliable supply of clean drinking water.

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Nande??? Couldn't they get AKB to promote this?

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to improve children nutrition in Ghana

When you say that this product improves children nutrition, do you mean that it makes children more nutritious?

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I don't like Abe as politician, but his expression is so friendly that if I didn't know his political tendency, I could get a positive impression about him at first sight. It's hard to believe he is very nationalist.

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The clown an the media circus...

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God didn't create Abe.

He was designed by a committee.

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