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Acrobatic firefighters


Men dressed as traditional firefighters perform acrobatic stunts atop bamboo ladders following a memorial service for firefighters at Sensoji temple in Tokyo Asakusa district on Monday. Hundreds of firefighters in traditional costumes gathered for the memorial service for firefighters who were killed performing their duties during the past 300 years.

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Bless the souls of those killed on duty and a big thank you to those alive - and obviously heavily kicking - for risking their lives every day.

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What a wonderful service for those who gave their lives in protecting others. God Bless you.

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Whilst this memorial is great can you imagine if they did this in real life? "Hold on Oji Chan whilst I just hold you by your legs and pass you to my colleague upside down! Don't worry I have done this a 1,000 times!"

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Those moves and ladders were mostly used to remove the burning hatch to prevent a fire from spreading.

Worth a visit to the Fire Museum in Yotsume San-Chome, very interesting and lots of interactive stuff for the kids. Entrance is FREE.

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