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Advantage Nishikori


Tennis star Kei Nishikori, center, poses with Fast Retailing President Tadashi Yanai, right, and UNIQLO design director Naoki Takizawa at Tokyo Midtown on Monday. Nishikori, who has a five-year sponsorship deal with UNIQLO, wore the latest tennis wear which will be available in the company's new Ginza flagship store (opening March 16) from April 2. “I made a lot of requests to UNIQLO for everything, such as tennis shirts that were lightweight, sweat absorbent and high quality. They granted all my requests, so I think this tennis wear is perfect. I also like the red color, which encourages my game," Nishikori said.

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Advantage Nishikori - Picture of the Day - Uniqlo ? I' m at a loss (to understand).

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http://danieldiaztecles.blogspot.com/Kei Nishikori is an example of work and perseverance. The issue of advertising in the sports world, is needed to continue training. Keep it going Nishikori!

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some14- He is sponsored by Uniqlo. Great games, Nishikori. Congratulations and I hope to see you win a Grand Slam soon.

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Congratulations. You deserve the big bucks from your sponsors for all your hard work.

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Foxie - you've more chance of seeing pigs flying.

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@Foxie Don,t get me wrong Kei is a great player, current ranking 28 in the world, but your forgetting for him to win a grandslam title, he has to win 7 matches in a row, consisting of the top 128 players with the likes of Djoko, Nadal ,,Federer, murray, Berdych ,Ferrer etc. But you never know....

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Marcels, first of all get your facts right, he's 18 at the moment. And a player in top 20 can snatch a Grand Slam, with a lot of work, inspiration and luck. But certainly not as improbable as some posters suggest

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@marcels He's currently #18 in singles according to the ATP website, and while it was quite the unexpected upset, he's beaten Djoko before, so I wouldn't discount him so quickly.

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