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Aiko starts high school


Princess Aiko, accompanied by her parents Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako, poses for photos as they arrive to attend her entrance ceremony at the Gakushuin Girls' Senior High School in Tokyo on Saturday. "I want to lead a fulfilling high school life with teachers and friends," the 15-year-old princess told reporters at the gate.

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Proud parents. I bet the staff and students have already been briefed about how they should act towards the Princess

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Does Princess Aiko have a body guard at all times? It also looks like it is raining heavy, which is sad as its spoils the picture, I wish her the best of luck in the new school.

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Let's hope she doesn't get scared by two boys playing near her and skipping another year of school.

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Hope she can get seconds at school lunch.

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I wonder how it feels like to be a schoolmate of her.. what an honor....

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I hope she can make some genuine friends. Senior high school is that last stepping stone before becoming a young adult, and it's where lifelong friendships begin. Good luck, princess.

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@gogoogo:Where are two boys you mentioned This is Girls oooooly school. II doubt students line up to eat lunch.

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What stream PRINCESS AIKO has chosen to pursue in her Senior High School and what he intends to become later in life? Best wishes to her for successful academic life.

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pretty picture with cherry blossom. Good luck and wish you all the best.

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@toshiko : google it, she took a year off school because two boys were playing near her and she got scared. Probally why she is now going to an all girls school.

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