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Air guitar champion


Japan's Nanami "Seven Seas" Nagura, 19, winner of the 2014 Air Guitar World Championships, performs in Oulu, Finland, on Friday night.

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Looks more like 'imaginary quidditch' than 'air guitar'. Rock On Nana Chan.

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I'm sorry for people who lacks the fund to acquire a real guitar, so they must fall back to air guitar, which admittedly is a ridiculous fad.

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Air guitar championship competition seems absolutely nothing. Is this a joke? It seems just some kinda dance.

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Is this a joke?

Do you consider dancing a joke, as well? This form of performance is just as interpretive and creative as dance is and just as entertaining to watch. More importantly, they are having a good time.

Here is Nanami's performance and it is definitely pretty cool.


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I wonder why a long-haired cute girl in hot pants was so popular?

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I watched the video, ........... they shouldn't call what she did air guitar haha, maybe a better title would be Fake Rockin or something LOL!!

Looks like she had fun & she did better faking the sword action than guitar

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I play guitar. I never thought much about air guitar players, except that maybe they were too lazy to learn to play a real guitar. But I quite enjoyed her show. Maybe air guitar is a kind of guitar-themed dance - I've been converted. At least in her case.

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Pretty awesome performance on You Tube. Not quite sure if her fingers were in the right place, but the dancing and gyrating certainly struck the right chord with me :-)

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I put up a cool link to the performance and I get two thumbs down? You are welcome to my two big nega-fans. My point stands though. It is a cool idea for a contest and based on the other videos on youtube, the participants take it pretty seriously, practicing for months in preparation for the contest. Nanami tied another performer this time for first place and they had another run off, which Nanami won. On the video I linked, you can see both of her performances.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the performances and it looked like a lot of fun.

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Scary character.

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Usually it's some fat, hairy, single dude that wins these things, so nice change of pace.

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I found footage of her performances to win the title. I think she won based on enthusiasm and effort and possibly her being female but I did not notice any sort of actual correlation with an imaginary guitar. I think some of the more purist air guitar performers may have felt cheated. The competition is turning into interpretive dance more than air-guitar.

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Anybody up for some air drums competition?

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Rock on girl

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Is this an imaginary competition?

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Is this an imaginary competition?

If so, this is the 19th year people have been imagining it.

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