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Japanese pilot Yoshihide Muroya flies his EDGE 540 V3 aircraft through the course during round 8 of the Chiba leg at the Red Bull Air Race World Championship in Chiba Prefecture on Sunday.

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The race was won by a Briton with an Australian second and a German in third place.

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I was there - great day! I wouldn't pay those prices for tickets, though.

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I was there too. On Sunday. Absolutely horrible organization. Paid 13000Yen to sit on a piece of sand on the overcrowded beach. No score or any kind of announcement boards. Impossible to tell who was flying, their time, their position or anything. The loudspeakers were supposed to tell you all this but they were far from where we were sitting and couldn't hear a thing. No event schedule, no programme. Extremely hot, 35+ Celsius, no shade, no tents. I definitely wouldn't like to be in the shoes of the guys that paid for STANDING for 5-6 hours. You were not supposed to bring your own drinks but inside the place they were all extremely overpriced and from some time on they were all gone. A total rip off. These guys (and I mean the Japanese organizers) really worked hard to make the most with providing the absolutely least. Terrible. Loved the race but I'm never going again. Pity because there were thousands of people and great interest.

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