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Akishino turns 50


Prince Akishino, left, sits with his wife Princess Kiko, right and their children, Princess Mako, 2nd left, Princess Kako, 2nd right, and Prince Hisahito, center, at their residence in Tokyo. Prince Akishino, Emperor Akihito's second son, celebrates his 50th birthday on Monday.

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Yeah. Staged photo that implies the family members have not else better to do than watch papa teach their little brother. An awkward photo at best. I looks like something you would find at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. You would think the Imperial Household would have hired someone able to be a bit more skilled at staging these things.

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Happy 50th birthday greetings to Prince Akishino .

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What a beautiful photo. Not a grey hair in sight.

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Nope. She's very cute.

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Am I the only one who thinks Princess Kako is kind of cute?

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Actually, it looks like he's teaching his son, how to do Tommy Cooper impressions. Look at his hands ... "Just like that !"

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why is there a tucan to the right?

He has a PhD in ornithology.

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Having to have staged photos taken is part of the Imperial life.

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why is there a tucan to the right?

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you took the words right out of my mouth j4life. what a ridiculous looking pic. i much prefer his brother's family pic. they are just sitting on the sofa with their dog and smiling at the camera.

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Another staged photograph of members of the Imperial Family. For your 50th Birthday you are forced to take a picture pretending to be teaching something to your son while other family members look on pretending to be interested. Their lives seem so boring when compared to members of Europe`s Royal Families.

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Best Wishes. Judging by the photo, I think I know exactly what the birthday boy is hoping to get this year.


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