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It is a huge "white elephant." Saga prefecture doesn't want it as they can't afford to be stuck with the cost.

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Great looking. More like Snoopy Dog.

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How on earth is that thing viable?

What happens to 'growth' when there's no more Japan left to concrete over?

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It's not a very long distance. Wouldn't a regular limited express train have sufficed for such a route?

Or, are they planning on extending it to connect with the existing Kyushu/Sanyo Shinkansen line?

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'Takao-Onsen' is located in Akita Prefecture and is not served by the Kamome Shinkansen. 'Takeo-Onsen Station' however, is located in Saga Pref. and can be reached from Nagasaki Station via the new shinkansen line...trip distance is 69.6 kilometres and the trip duration is 24 minutes.

Moderator: Thanks for pointing out the mistake. It has been corrected.

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@garypen- Will be connected eventually.

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That an ugly train, something I would get on board

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you have never been on a Shinkansen otherwise you would not post the comment you did. More environmentally friendly than the millions of SUVs driven by Americans.

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Looks like it will never be connected directly to the Kyushu Shinkansen. Saga prefecture does not want it and would be saddled with a huge cost to shave a few minutes off of a short ride.

This thing was pencilled out in the 1970's before the population started to crash and cheap air travel became common.

There are other trains in Kyushu that run just fine.

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I highly recommend visiting Nagasaki. A seaside and port city with multicultural traditions mingled (Japanese, Chinese and European namely Dutch). Food and night view are extraordinary.

Despite its convenience, the new Shinkansen bypasses remarkable landscapes in the local area. For a round trip, I would suggest taking a "slow" JR train going through Isahaya 諫早 and the coastline.

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Well done!

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