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So what is the headline trying to say. All alone, what response should it produce. I assume it used as a empathy trigger. To make one feel sorry. I have tell you all. Loneliness is very underrated.

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Tokyo M : city benches are for sleeping not resting. Do you see chair in Japanese homes, most sit on the floor. So what is stopping you from sitting on the ground. Tokyo must be the only city in the world where one could sit on the path or ground without sitting in litter and rubbish. When in Rome etc.

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Do you see chair in Japanese homes, most sit on the floor. 

Fifty years ago, maybe.

When I look around at the homes of friends and neighbours, a very small handful are the traditional, sit-on-the-floor tatami style throughout. Many do have a tatami mat room usually kept as a guest room, play room for kids, extra bedroom, etc; but in the vast majority of cases the main living room has comfy chairs and/or sofas.

Look around your local furniture shop. Someone is buying all those sofas, chairs, beds, carpets.

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Which makes taking the photo of that girl all the more creepy.

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I hope this lady was consulted that her photo was taken and put on line, because if it was not, as the above commenter creepy and rude I would like to add .

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Alone in a physical sense,but not completely.

@Tokyo-m At the risk of sounding condescending,may I suggest a shooting stick? They're a godsend in areas without designated seating.

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dont get the point of this article the lady alone nope she on her iphone connected to her cybernetwork of friends. Just very late night probaly around 2pm ish depending on location.

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