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Actor Robert De Niro greets the audience prior to the screening of his film "The Family" at the Tokyo International Film Festival in Roppongi on Tuesday night. De Niro, 70, who was last in Japan six years ago, said Japanese fans were much more polite and behaved themselves better than fans at other movie festivals overseas. He also said he was touched to see so many young fans asking him for his autograph. "The Family," titled "Malavita" for Japan, opens here on Nov 15.

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I like De Niro but I'm surprised they would screen a film that received bad reviews by critics and audiences alike.

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Please note that entries for a film festival are chosen months in advance, before they are released in cinemas. Reviews are never taken into account.

Yes! We are talking to you! You're a legend!

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Have always liked De Niro, but another mafia movie!? Really?!? I think he has enough money that he could turn one of them down by now. Losing respect.

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De Niro, the man. An actor of the highest caliber. Legend, awesome. They don't make em' like him anymore, sadly.

@Onniyama, I agree. NOT about the money, the man can turn down anything and would always get mad respect, I am sure of that.

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He had a serious role in CASINO as a character based on LEFTY in Las Vegas. Someone in this project must have wanted Di Nero to act in this French film? After all, not too many American actors are experienced on playing mafia role in a movie. Rich or poor, super stars usually get invitations to act in more films. After all, film makings are money making activities. it is safe to use stars than gamble on trainee actors. However, many super stars began acting careers as an extra. Many studio use stars as safety to make movie profitable.

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Easily the worst film I've seen this year.

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whatever rubbish he has done (and he has done some real garbage) he will always be a legend for the great roles..... Casino, Ronin, The Godfather, The Deer Hunter, Goodfellas, Once Upon a time in America, Cape Feaqr and even the Analyze This and That slight slip but great by him...

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You missed some good roles off your list, like Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Untouchables, Meet the Parents, plus a scorching Louis Cypher opposite Mickey Rourke in the unsurpassed 'Angel Heart'.

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AKBfan, bootsy, don't leave Heat off the list.

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Heck, don't leave Midnight Run off the list!

I don't agree with his politics, but he is a very good actor.

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He always reminds me so much of my dad. Love the picture. Love you dad.

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It was released in France July, this year. I'd bet many people in France who understand English went to watch this film at extremely expensive theater enjoying by mingling with stars and production stuffs. .

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