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All-star drug fight


A Tokyo subway poster for the all-star action movie "The Expendables 3," which opened in Japan Saturday, is being used by the National Police Agency as part of a campaign against "dangerous drugs" -- the term given to quasi-legal hallucinogenic herbs. The Japanese says "The mission this time is to eradicate dangerous drugs."

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Look at the veins on Stallone's arms. How can he be a poster boy for fighting drugs?

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How about making the drugs illegal rather than making posters with rioted out movie stars

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They've made them illegal dozens of times. The manufacturers just keep releasing new ones that aren't illegal yet. Cat and mouse game.

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Yeah Stallone has not only been caught red handed with steroids he has 100% admitted to using them AND advocates their controlled use along with HGH. But who am I kidding. Do you really think any of the stars, the production company, or even the media firm that owns ALL media related to this movie gave permission to do this? Of course not.

Besides. Talk about missing the bigger picture completely. How many people have died or have been hospitalized in TOTAL because of these " quasi-legal hallucinogenic herbs."? Judging from the article published here, less in the last 5 years than ALL the people who died in Tokyo alone last MONTH from drunk driving!!! But who are we kidding. alcohol, getting smashed, and even drunk driving are socially acceptable so... nothing will ever be done about it.

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Like all the "Wars on Drugs" this will be a colossal waste of money.

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It already is. They've dedicated something like 1 billion yen to fighting these 'dangerous drugs'. They are making the same mistake as the Americans in thinking they can eradicate them (they can't). They should be approaching the problem with risk management.

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Did that approach suceed in America or anywhere else?

Not from what I read in the international papers, you need to fight the underlying cause I.e. why people want to use them in the 1st place.

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The first step to eradicating them would be to make them illegal. Can't do that, though, can we? Close those loopholes, peeps. Anyways, kind of a stupid message to put on a movie poster. How are you going to 'eradicate' something that's legal?

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The first step to eradicating them would be to make them illegal. Can't do that, though, can we?

What are you talking about? They make them illegal every few months. The producers just release a new legal version to replace the old ones.

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So are the expendables suppose to portray drug users or the police that will be chasing drugs users?

They shouldve used a poster of ASKA!

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Papigiulio: That is a REALLY good point. Cause..... Actually half these guys are the bad guys and half these guys are the good guys. So... What are they trying to say?

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Next poster-boy for Japan's "No Drug! campaign, after Stallone : Robert Downey Jr.

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Well, I support controlling things like this 'loophole drugs" and "bath salts," which are quite dangerous because they are not controlled. IOW, whatever you think you buy when you buy it is, well, who knows? That leads to dosage problems.

Say, for example, alcohol was not controlled, and I go for a beer or two, thinking I'm getting 5.0%, but actually getting 8.2%, and then go on my merry way. Well, that's the difference between two beers and three.

This actually happened to me one time in Seattle (Big Time Brewery), and the two beers were pints, so I ended up consuming close to 5 beers in an hour. Thankfully, I had taken my bike, so when I crashed, I just ended up it a ditch along the side of the road, and not plowing into some kids with a car.

So, yeah, whatever should be done, these "loophole drugs" should be regulated.

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You'd have to be on drugs to manage to sit through an entire 'Expendables' movie- the supsension of intelligence required for such viewing demands it.

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