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All-Women's Run


Some of the 4,000 runners take part in the annual 10-kilometer Shibuya Omotesando Women's Run in Tokyo on Sunday. The event included both a 10-km run through Tokyo's fashionable Shibuya and Omotesando districts, and a 1-km family run to encourage wide participation and emphasise that sport is a rewarding pastime for all ages.

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Next Nagoya Women's Marathon 2013 3.10 http://womens.marathon-festival.com/en/

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Too cold for me to run! Wonder how they do it?

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Awww! I missed it?!

All those hot, sweaty ladies....!!! Mmmm Mm!

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All-Women's Run

uh, not exactly. You see me? I.. I was out in front! They must have cropped me out in photoshop. Sigh

I have this propensity to be chased by throngs of females... happens all the time.

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Running is best in the cold. You'd not see a group like that in August! Japanese winter season is actually pretty awesome for running - bright sunny days but not too hot.

Though that looks more like a (bad) fashion parade than a run, to be honest. They seem to be barely walking.

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They all look like they are walking

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