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Ambassador Godzilla


Godzilla and actress Masami Nagasawa pose during a ceremony in Tokyo's Shinjuku district on Thursday for the opening of an entertainment complex run by Toho studio. Godzilla has been appointed special resident and tourism ambassador. Japan is hoping the biggest star in this nation's movie history will help lure tourists.

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This is the kind of picture that ends of in photo collections on the web titled "Meanwhile, in Asia", or "Weirdness, otherwise known as Asia".

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Makes sense. There's another Godzilla movie on the way so why not capitalize on the momentum. When tourists arrive here for the Olympics many will pick up some Godzilla merchandise.

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Finally, its good to see them embrace what tourists like about Japan, even if it turns out to be a cliche.

There seems to be a huge difference between what tourists actually like about Japan and what Japan wishes foreign tourists liked (Omotenashi, four seasons, tea ceremony etc.)

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Has to be hot in that Godzilla costume and maybe even warmer standing next to Nagasawa.

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Clearly Godzilla needs to stomp a few cities to shed some of that excess leg weight.

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WOW they are some fiery eye, and Godzillas. ;o)

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A perfect example of a Japanese corporate PR event -- with all three mandatory elements present. First, the stiff-looking corporate suits with silly ribbons hanging from their suit coats. Second, the obligatory celebrity, generally female and attractive. And, finally, a spokes-character/mascot of some kind. Hasn't changed in decades.

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Which one is the action figure?

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Which one is the action figure?

My pick is the one in the blue dress.

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people were complaining that the last Godzilla movie he looked too fat, but this model looks even fatter

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Godzilla outfits will be all over the place. Pretty cool.

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id be happy if i got attacked by the Godzilla in blue

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What amazes me is that they still use the 90s Gojira as his official face. For me it was the best designed of the suits, and always seems to be the first one in a line of toys or models.

Is that Crayon Shin-chan behind Masami Nagasawa and Gojira?

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